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19-02-2019 04:01
Last I knew he had a growing youtube channel, but stopped, and even made his twitter private. He has not visited (at least log in) since 2015. I do hope he is well.

19-02-2019 01:21
No seriously, anyone know Cyan is doing? I wanna know if he's well.

19-02-2019 01:20
I think I'd remember that if I did. I do remember fukin around spawn city with Liz and Cyan with minecarts and stuff. good times

19-02-2019 00:24
If I remember correctly, I just built a crappy wood house on top, and dig a giant hole straight down on my lot (I did that a lot). Did you help me dig down? XD

18-02-2019 23:30
SPX that's what I'm sayin! We had battle Royale years ago! Karl, I absolutely remember you. I helped you build your spawn city house, I think.

17-02-2019 08:00
I love seeing the jokes about minecraft having the first battle royale with hungers games. I never won one, 3rd place was my best Angry

15-02-2019 05:51
Hope everyone's doing great! Surprised to see this chatbox still active Smile Happy Valentines everyone! I've started twitch streaming if anyone's interested (
la) would be gr

08-02-2019 05:07
And good god do I miss this place so much. 13 year old me with barely any friends in middle school was heartbroken when I saw this server was going down

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fireant456 March 04 2014 05:46:40
I do have a very similar community to zwinkie with a good minecraft server but I'm waiting on permission from cyan to invite all you awesome zwinkie members to it Smile
joshvp99 March 04 2014 03:52:31
if you have a thought of it, then there mus be that barely perceptible chance. i didn't want to get people's hopes up, sorry if i did and if i interpreted wrong cyan
CyanLights March 04 2014 03:34:53
I didn't say might. I said "in the event".
joshvp99 March 04 2014 03:27:26
its 5:00am in Ukraine, waiting to see if russia will strike or not...
joshvp99 March 04 2014 03:24:27
@sea, "In the event that I create a new server in the future..." ~cyan Cyan says he MIGHT put it up again with a new map. Emphasis on MIGHT
BeeExpert March 03 2014 19:17:24
no oskars for dicaprio Sad LOL
SeaLion March 03 2014 15:43:19
Cyan 1 question will it ever come back
J26West March 03 2014 14:21:23
yeah good times...
Teh_OnlyCreeper March 03 2014 04:37:09
wow zwinkie is gone uh shame long time no c
joshvp99 March 03 2014 01:35:45
West,i remember you! you built aexp on zwinkie 7
J26West March 02 2014 22:53:52
good luck in all of your future endeavors cyan
Chemay March 02 2014 22:30:47
Will Leonardo Dicaprio win an oscar this year?
CyanLights March 02 2014 21:56:08
I remember you, west.
J26West March 02 2014 21:45:36
I may have been inactive for a LONG time, but the news that Zwinkie was closing may have been the saddest I've heard all year. RIP zwinkie
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