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18-12-2018 10:44
Thanks Josh, really did bring back good memories to watch that again. Man do I miss this server.

05-12-2018 03:17
I was mad that he didn't include any of my buildings, but I remembered all I did was dig huge holes over and over again to get that xp for the digging and mining skills, until they were reseted Sad

02-12-2018 08:31
lol just scroll down on the news feed a bit Pfft here it is, have fun shedding some tears Pfft

02-12-2018 06:00
Does anyone have the video Cyan made at the end of the server? I'd like to watch it again but I can't find it. Thanks in advance.

05-11-2018 04:57
Did you guys realize you could change the size of your shoutbox?!?! like make it take up most of the webpage!

31-10-2018 16:23
Chemay toppled the Jenga tower, he now has to pick every piece and built the tower again while we all stare.

30-10-2018 14:18
Fus Roh Dah

26-10-2018 04:42
Hey guys, guess what? this is my 100th shout!

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