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21-01-2019 05:34

21-01-2019 05:29
@glassy, you changed usernames? I been using mine since 2008. I gotta come up with something new >_> But a lot of what you wrote I relate with. Zwinkie=minecraft for me

17-01-2019 02:00
Hey guys, I made a very long message I wanted to share with y'all here in the form of a pastebin, please check it out! https://pastebin.c

12-01-2019 02:13
o/ Hopefully everyone enjoyed their holidays. Checking in instead of as a guest to point out that the welcome box for guests at the right side of the site is spelled weclome. o////////

06-01-2019 04:05
Happy New Years! ( a little late Pfft )

18-12-2018 10:44
Thanks Josh, really did bring back good memories to watch that again. Man do I miss this server.

05-12-2018 03:17
I was mad that he didn't include any of my buildings, but I remembered all I did was dig huge holes over and over again to get that xp for the digging and mining skills, until they were reseted Sad

02-12-2018 08:31
lol just scroll down on the news feed a bit Pfft here it is, have fun shedding some tears Pfft

Shoutbox Archive
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raxgwapo June 07 2017 14:34:34
Does anyone know what Mod is being used in this server? I want to download the Bending mod so bad
Calbs001 May 17 2017 03:01:40
MisterTwister124 May 16 2017 13:09:06
Same here Poby123
Nulgath May 13 2017 13:30:22
Poby123 May 03 2017 21:45:59
Wow I miss the days where we could just play MC all day. How has everyone been?
ubersop April 26 2017 12:28:11
ahahah yall niggers still around
LovePotion April 24 2017 22:58:00
zedswiftsurfer April 22 2017 18:25:27
guy's entrance. Plus he deleted my ban post to clear his reputation.
zedswiftsurfer April 22 2017 18:24:51
CyanLights is a liar. He griefed that day and when i teleported to him, he logged off in fear of getting banned. And he didn't "stumble upon a spawner". he literally destroyed the guy
narahs April 10 2017 19:59:59
Does anyone still go on here? Hopefully you guys remember me Pfft Hey !!
The0ptimist March 30 2017 05:28:09
Can't believe this community is still here after all this time. Was just reflecting on the good ol' minecraft days. I miss you guys. -Z0MVIEZ
timebirds March 25 2017 12:36:41
Wow.... After 6 years I finally found this website again... Hey guys, I don't know if anyone remembers me but I'm MrTrollButt... It's been so long.
noden1 March 18 2017 09:27:45
joshvp99 March 12 2017 04:06:32
sup dudes
xTheBeastx March 09 2017 09:09:05
Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whaaaatttttt this exists?????? <3333
SPX300 February 19 2017 05:01:33
Happy late Valentines! Grin
Nulgath February 10 2017 22:43:48
AnthonyValles13 February 09 2017 03:33:16
Wait, so this is still a thing?! No way! I've lowkey missed most of you.
nightazi1 January 29 2017 09:32:56
Woah .... everyone's still pretty much here, kinda shocked this still exists
Stephend254 January 23 2017 21:44:46
It's High Noon!!
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