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20-05-2019 23:48
Hi everyone! Glad to see I'm not the only one sticking around here xD

20-05-2019 07:25
I miss you guys so much!! I want to stay in contact with yall add me on Snapchat @coconolaaa I wanna play minecraft again before I go to college and say goodbye to my childhood forever

20-05-2019 07:23
I actually cried today remembering all the good times I had in this server when I was like 13 Frown

06-05-2019 09:03
so this was my first MC multiplayer experience like, 7 years ago and stayed on till it's closure. took me until yesterday to actually buy minecraft for real. where did all the forum posts go?

01-05-2019 17:39
I remember playing this server when I was just 12 years old... and now I'm at college lol. Get nostalgic about spending countless hours on this server. Is the latest map from the server before it

13-04-2019 01:33
Anyone still alive here? How is everyone?

19-02-2019 04:01
Last I knew he had a growing youtube channel, but stopped, and even made his twitter private. He has not visited (at least log in) since 2015. I do hope he is well.

19-02-2019 01:21
No seriously, anyone know Cyan is doing? I wanna know if he's well.

Shoutbox Archive
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Ynot100 June 03 2018 02:24:52
Heya narahs, how’ve you been over the past, like, four years?
narahs April 29 2018 03:47:21
hey guys! How's everybody doing?
Chemay March 19 2018 17:10:05
Still working on my next staff application.
King24 March 14 2018 07:17:26
joshvp99 March 08 2018 18:32:10
joshvp99 December 11 2017 23:08:45
hi everyone, I'm doing pretty decently.
Calbs001 November 19 2017 05:09:26
good hbu
Nulgath November 06 2017 21:09:55
So... How's everyone doing?
JoseA1999 October 15 2017 07:05:38
joshvp99 August 27 2017 21:04:51
wittisy August 07 2017 01:25:46
So the forums are just gone? Shaaame
Ynot100 August 05 2017 05:33:58
Still Alive. Still Kicking. Still gaming. Still missing.
Stephend254 July 01 2017 18:18:40
It's still here? Why am I back here
Coconola June 26 2017 04:45:00
huh...does the ark server exist still? lol
Coconola June 26 2017 04:34:31
once again this still exists, and now I own ark... Wink
belegija June 10 2017 00:28:11
raxgwapo June 07 2017 14:34:34
Does anyone know what Mod is being used in this server? I want to download the Bending mod so bad
Calbs001 May 17 2017 03:01:40
MisterTwister124 May 16 2017 13:09:06
Same here Poby123
Nulgath May 13 2017 13:30:22
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