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07-09-2019 10:09
Dang... Talk about a blast from the past.

07-09-2019 02:17
It were good times, if zwinkie came back it would be the only reason i would play minecraft again tbh.

26-08-2019 09:12
Miss y'all. Hope everyone is well Cool

13-08-2019 02:29
Hello! Its been 4 years since I last logged in

01-08-2019 01:09
I probably can, but I feel that if I do, I would break it

31-07-2019 18:04
Actually, I don't suppose someone could somehow, someway post the discord link on the main page of this site (lol prolly not)?

31-07-2019 17:57
There we go, Ladies and Gents. If and when you join, change your name to your account name so that everyone knows who’s who.

31-07-2019 17:56

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Coconola May 20 2019 07:25:14
I miss you guys so much!! I want to stay in contact with yall add me on Snapchat @coconolaaa I wanna play minecraft again before I go to college and say goodbye to my childhood forever
Coconola May 20 2019 07:23:55
I actually cried today remembering all the good times I had in this server when I was like 13 Frown
wittisy May 06 2019 09:03:17
so this was my first MC multiplayer experience like, 7 years ago and stayed on till it's closure. took me until yesterday to actually buy minecraft for real. where did all the forum posts go?
naurtokitten101 May 01 2019 17:39:42
I remember playing this server when I was just 12 years old... and now I'm at college lol. Get nostalgic about spending countless hours on this server. Is the latest map from the server before it
Nireas570 April 13 2019 01:33:41
Anyone still alive here? How is everyone?
SPX300 February 19 2019 04:01:30
Last I knew he had a growing youtube channel, but stopped, and even made his twitter private. He has not visited (at least log in) since 2015. I do hope he is well.
Ynot100 February 19 2019 01:21:49
No seriously, anyone know Cyan is doing? I wanna know if he's well.
Ynot100 February 19 2019 01:20:56
I think I'd remember that if I did. I do remember fukin around spawn city with Liz and Cyan with minecarts and stuff. good times
SPX300 February 19 2019 00:24:48
If I remember correctly, I just built a crappy wood house on top, and dig a giant hole straight down on my lot (I did that a lot). Did you help me dig down? XD
Ynot100 February 18 2019 23:30:33
SPX that's what I'm sayin! We had battle Royale years ago! Karl, I absolutely remember you. I helped you build your spawn city house, I think.
SPX300 February 17 2019 08:00:29
I love seeing the jokes about minecraft having the first battle royale with hungers games. I never won one, 3rd place was my best Angry
ShiniPanda February 15 2019 05:51:27
Hope everyone's doing great! Surprised to see this chatbox still active Smile Happy Valentines everyone! I've started twitch streaming if anyone's interested ( would be gr
Karlboy21 February 08 2019 05:07:44
And good god do I miss this place so much. 13 year old me with barely any friends in middle school was heartbroken when I saw this server was going down
Karlboy21 February 08 2019 05:06:47
I don’t know if any of y’all remember me, Karlboy21, or just Karl. But I came back to this server after watching one of those nostalgia videos “It’s 2012 on a cool summer night and you’re playing Mine
Ynot100 January 31 2019 23:27:24
Everytime I come back here, i pray and hope. Good god I remember and miss all of you. EDIT: I'm fuking crying. The comments on the Youtube Video are using #LongLiveZ, which is the sign I made
SPX300 January 21 2019 05:34:08
SPX300 January 21 2019 05:29:41
@glassy, you changed usernames? I been using mine since 2008. I gotta come up with something new >_> But a lot of what you wrote I relate with. Zwinkie=minecraft for me
glassyturkishman January 17 2019 02:00:05
Hey guys, I made a very long message I wanted to share with y'all here in the form of a pastebin, please check it out!
Nubme January 12 2019 02:13:45
o/ Hopefully everyone enjoyed their holidays. Checking in instead of as a guest to point out that the welcome box for guests at the right side of the site is spelled weclome. o////////
joshvp99 January 06 2019 04:05:38
Happy New Years! ( a little late Pfft )
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